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Mehrfachbelichtete Melodramen

for beatboxing vocal artist, live electronics, audio/video playback (2016)

15 minutes

voice, beat box, performance: Frauke Aulbert

audio engineering: Donny Karsadi


June 13, 2017, Unerhörte Musik, BKA-Theater Berlin

June 18, 2017, Der Sommer in Stuttgart, Theaterhaus Stuttgart

November 18, 2017, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

November 21, 2017, Alte Feuerwache Cologne

February 10, 2018, TonArt Esslingen, Villa Nagel Esslingen

July 4, 2018, Greek National Opera Athens

July 2022, Giessen City Hall

Work commentary, 2017:

In Mehrfachbelichtete Melodramen (“Multi-Exposed Melodramas”), the subject expressing itself – vocally, noisily, percussively – finds itself in an imaginary scenery of communication and everyday sound. Imitation, addition, manipulation and, not least, performative virtuosity are the instruments by whose means the listeners are invited to adopt the memory of individually experienced scenes, and to parallel them interpretatively with their own experiences and notions: to multi-expose them.

Mehrfachbelichtete Melodramen
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