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Music theater and performative installation for three performers, piano/harpsichord/celesta, percussion and audio playback (2020)

60 minutes

composition: Eloain Lovis Hübner

dramaturgy: Hannah Mey

staging: Elli Neubert

assistant director: Constanze Negwer

scenography: Jakob Boeckh

costume: Johanna Winkler

scenography assistants: Sophie Büscher, Magdalena Kriete, Dina Polus, Elena Schultz

mezzo-soprano, performance: Maria Marstal

performance: Nguyễn Nhật Linh, Ina Vöhringer

piano/harpsichord/celesta, performance: Caroline Breuninger

percussion, performance: Gabriel Fischer

performances: October 12/13, 2021, Hamburg University of Music and Drama

We trim, shave, shape so we don't bump into anything. We are discreet, but special. We are seen, but we do not see. We are good girls, but we are plagued by insatiable hunger. Three women explore the limits of their bodies and fight for mutual solidarity. The mania for control and the constant disciplining of their bodies cuts them off. To find their voice again, the women suspend all rules for a short time. They roast little balls, boil maggots and compete in vomiting. In the process, they seek an exit from compulsive self-optimization and strive for refuge in excess.

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