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Masse und Bewegung

Ongoing series of concert works for larger ensembles that deals primarily with accumulation, densification and decay processes:

Masse und Bewegung 0 (2018, rev. 2020)

for alto flute (doubling objects), bass clarinet (doubling clarinet, additional clarinet mouthpiece and objects), percussion, piano, electric guitar, violin and cello (with preparation and scordatura)

13 minutes

Masse und Bewegung 1 (2018/19)

for piccolo (doubling bass flute), oboe, clarinet, bassoon (doubling contraforte), french horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion, piano (doubling melodica, kalimba), two violins, viola, cello and double bass (all players with additional sound objects, wind instruments with additional mouthpieces)

18 minutes

world premiere: June 8, 2019, Gare du Nord Basel,

Ensemble Phœnix Basel (Jürg Henneberger, conductor)


Masse und Bewegung 2 (2017-20)

for large orchestra (3-3-3-3-, 4-3-3-1, 1 hrp, 1 timp, 3 perc, 1 pno, 10-10-10-8-6)

11 minutes

Masse und Bewegung 3 (2019/20)

for clarinet (doubling bass/contrabass clarinet), saxophone, bassoon (doubling contraforte), trumpet, trombone, percussion, piano, harp, accordion, violin, viola, double bass and solo conductor

25 minutes

world premiere: August 18, 2021, Helmut List Halle Graz,

Klangforum Wien (Bas Wiegers, conductor)

commissiond by the impuls Festival Graz

Masse und Bewegung 4 (2020)

for eight players with sound objects

12 minutes

world premiere: September 21, 2021, Dampfzentrale Bern, Ensemble Proton Bern

video production: March 29, 2021, Museum Tinguely Basel, Ensemble Proton Bern

commissioned by Ensemble Proton Bern


Masse und Bewegung 5 »QUARTETT« (2020)

for chamber orchestra (2-2-2-1, 3-2-0-1, 3 perc, 1 hp, 4-0-4-3-2) in four groups

11 minutes

world premiere: January 14/15, 2022, Concert Hall of the Dresden College of Music, Orchestra of the Dresden College of Music / Xincao Zhang, Katharina Dickopf, Tim Fluch, Filip Urban: conductors

Masse und Bewegung 6 »KANON« (2022)

for solo group (organ, percussion, double bass) and chamber orchestra (1-1-1-sax-0, 0-2-0-0, 2 pno, 2-2-2-0-0) in two groups

10 minutes

world premiere: November 12, 2022, Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, students and alumni of the Institute for the Early Advancement of the Musically Highly Gifted (IFF) / Julian Becker, organ / Artur Kuban, double bass / Fabian Paul, percussion / Martin Brauß, Fabian Tavernise, Mert Yalniz, conductors

Ole Hübner_Masse und Bewegung 6 KANON_Partitur18-7-2022-neu.jpg
Ole Hübner_Masse und Bewegung 6 KANON_Partitur18-7-2022-neu.jpg
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