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Revolutions Per Minute

Object and music theater

for voice, flutes, friction drums, four air blowers, reed, light and fog (2018/19)

60 minutes

concept, dramaturgy, scenography, staging:

Eloain Lovis Hübner, Leander Ripchinsky, Niels Wehr

voice, performance, improvisation: Julia Mihály

flutes, performance, improvisation: Sarah Heemann

performance: Niels Wehr

audio engineering: Eloain Lovis Hübner

performances: January 11/12/15, 2019, Gallus Theater Frankfurt am Main

Supported by the Musikfonds e.V. and by the Frankfurt Cultural Office

In Revolutions Per Minute, objects and sounds are assembled into choreographic-compositional experimental arrangements. Visible and audible choreographies mix, complement each other, increasingly sabotage each other and unsettle our perceptions. Composition and choreography interrogate each other's genre, material, and possibilities. As scenic basic research, this performance takes the human and social perception of movement as its research object. What is movement and how do we perceive it? What moves us? Between uniqueness and repetition, the movements of the fan also put our imagination to the test: How do the images we perceive relate to our imagination? How do we deal with the limitations of our image repertoire, but also of the culturally available one?
With their constantly live compositions, the three artists Leander Ripchinsky, Ole Hübner and Niels Wehr simultaneously pose questions about how our experience and perception of movement and standstill affects our socio-cultural and political living spaces. Linked to this is the overall societal question of what movement, change, or revolution actually means. After the first sixth of the 21st century has played out, it becomes apparent that progress and collective learning do not necessarily proceed in a linear fashion, but to a certain degree have to be renegotiated again and again. 

Revolutions Per Minute_1_credit_ Maria O
Revolutions Per Minute_2_credit_ Maria O
Revolutions Per Minute_3_credit_ Maria O
Revolutions Per Minute_4_credit_ Maria O
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