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Trauma und Zwischenraum

Ongoing series of concert works for chamber music ensembles with additional sound generators, sounding objects, preparations, instrumental extensions etc. and highly experimental approach:

Trauma und Zwischenraum 1 (2020)

for recorders (sopranino, tenor, prepared tenor, contrabass paetzold), flutes (piccolo, alto, bass), prepared harp and prepared harpsichord (all amplified)

12 minutes

world premiere: October 28, 2021, CROSSROADS Contemporary Music Festival,
Mozarteum University Salzburg, Airborne Extended


Trauma und Zwischenraum 2 (2021)

for string quartet with preparations and additional objects (all amplified)

15 minutes

world premiere: May 26, 2021, Dresden College of Music, Arditti Quartet


Trauma und Zwischenraum 3 (2021)

for accordion, percussion/objects and electric guitar/synthesizer

world premiere: October 3, 2021, Sacrum Profanum Festival Kraków, Ensemble Kompopolex

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