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вепрь и рыба [Boar and Fish]

Music theater / short opera in Russian for three voices, piccolo (doubling bass flute, slide whistle, objects), alto saxophone (doubling clarinet mouthpiece, objects), percussion, piano (doubling objects) and cello (with scordatura, doubling objects) (2018)

15 minutes

concept: Eloain Lovis Hübner, Kira Malinina, Kapitolina Tcvetkova

composition: Eloain Lovis Hübner

text: Kira Malinina

scenography, staging: Kapitolina Tcvetkova

voices, performance: interACTive Vocal Ensemble

instruments: The Gallery of Actual Music / GAMEnsemble (Oleg Paiberdin, conductor)

performances: December 8/9, 2018,

Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theater

Distance as a contemporary plague. Psychological, physical, linguistic, (senti-)mental, temporal gaps. It’s a phenomenon of intervals that keep us apart but paradoxically tie us together, creating volumes in between and relationships.

Distance is like water – an invisible volume separating us, but at the same time binding and embracing. It is crucial and essential to any object, being, space or relative. But, just as a line in Euclidean space, it can’t exist without at least two points. We are three points of many lines – here are our three distances.

Today is such a day: even boar and fish are happy

Sellers of smoked fish: gold teeth, short fingers

They are talking about ships

I looked out of the window of my room to toughen their back

Going out for the coast of Africa and Argentina

About 20 years ago.

Today is such a day: for us, it is the last one
I promised you that I would turn into a pillar of salt
If only one word about these three years

Boar and Fish Hübner Tcvetkova Malinina
Boar and Fish Hübner Tcvetkova Malinina
Boar and Fish Hübner Tcvetkova Malinina
Boar and Fish Hübner Tcvetkova Malinina
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