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The Navidsons

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Since its foundation with the six-hour immersive piece The Navidson Records (Münchener Biennale, Konzert Theater Bern 2016), Eloain Lovis Hübner has been a permanent member of the collective The Navidsons. Under this name different artists join together time and again for music theater. projects. Navidson is a fabulous figure and perhaps also has something to do with navigating. In any case, the name describes a way of working that is dedicated to the search for unknown forms and territories of music theater.

Under the artistic direction of Till Wyler von Ballmoos and together with other artists and in various constellations, The Navidsons develop works at the interface of performance, opera and art installations. The collective understands the areas of composition, dramaturgy, text, scenography not as isolated functional areas, but as a field of interference. This is where aesthetic ideas and political values, individual concepts and collective designs are reflected. This music theater is conceived as a multi-perspective, participatory, processual and discursive dispositive – in short: as a collaborative social sculpture. This working method has already been realized in the project Open Guerilla Workstation Ødipus REC., with which the collective was invited to the Operadagen Rotterdam 2018.
In the resulting music theatre Ødipus REC. (Gare Du Nord Basel, Tojo Theater Bern, Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster 2020/21) we break through the border between planned staging and improvisation, between visual media, music and architectural space.
A permanent change of roles between directing, composition, dramaturgy and scenography also enables a multiplication of perspectives on the level of our own professional functions.

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