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Lied mit Chor:
»Nachtigall mit Melodei«

for vocal artist, clarinet (doubling bass clarinet, AKAI EWI, vocal effects), piano, percussion, electric zither, cello, audio/video playback and live electronics

19 minutes

concept, composition: Eloain Lovis Hübner

concept, video: Charlotte Bösling

Decoder Ensemble

performance: September 1, 2017, BIG DATA Weekend, Resonanzraum Hamburg

CD publication: Decoder Ensemble | BIG DATA, Wergo 2019 (WER 7376 2)

Decoder Ensemble BIG DATA

Work commentary, Charlotte Bösling & Ole Hübner, 2017:
“Philomel with Melody” / a nocturnal remix / une production très tragique

the roles: the animal / the restless / the accompanying / the connecting / the connected / the foolish / the opposite / the innocent / the divided / the losing / the lost

a choir, silent

a protagonist

a narrator, along the dully stinking canal, night-drunk and moonsickled, feasting on the sight of the green sloshing liquid

white noise

one night

“Come, now a roundel an a fairy song!” (Shakespeare)



mask on / through the tunnel / striding stumbling / gawking / water

torn loose we float to the left & to the right along the color spectrum

a black night

drums / voices / Mendelssohn / radio

is repeating / clap

is repeating / clap

is repeating / clap

is repeating / clap

the media image compressed into a neutral-looking object that has become haptic and ingestible

and now listen to the rustling black night

Nachtigall mit Melodei_1_credit Gerhard
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