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This Place

for bass flute and multiple audio/video playback layers

composition (2015): Eloain Lovis Hübner

video concept (2021): Jakob Boeckh & Eloain Lovis Hübner

scenography & staging (2021): Jakob Boeckh

bass flute & performance: Helen Bledsoe


December 1, 2015, Cologne University of Music and Dance

May 21, 2016, KOMED-Haus im Mediapark 7, Cologne

March 10, 2018: Zentrum für internationale Lichtkunst Unna

video production: spring/summer 2021

camera operator, production director: Janet Sinica

This Place is a differentiated deconstruction, fragmentation and reconstruction of Guillaume Dufay’s famous motet Nuper rosarum flores. The compositionwas created in 2015 as part of a project of the composition class at the Cologne University of Music and Dance with the internationally renowned flutist Helen Bledsoe. The original version, which was intended for a concert performance, already included a audio/video playback with complex video-within-video interleaving, through which the flutist Helen Bledsoe virtually doubled and tripled herself. In the context of a staging in a computer room of the KOMED-Haus in Cologne’s Mediapark in 2018, this principle of multiplication was taken to the extreme and at the same played with different reception situations between real and digital space, in that the video could now be played back on eight screens simultaneously and each spectator, sitting at a table as in a seminar, could now have their own individual video playback medium in front of their eyes. In 2021, commissioned by Ensemble musikFabrik, Jakob Boeckh & Ole Hübner developed a fundamentally new concept for the scenic realization of the piece as a film, which retains the confusing layers of sound and video and, in addition, also opens up a new radius of action for the former “live layer” as a new overriding “main role”. (Pandemic) experiences of domestic isolation, loneliness, and a new relationship with (digital) media as communication and memory tools clearly play a major role in this. The concept is currently being realized as an elaborate film production by Helen Bledsoe, Janet Sinica, Jakob Boeckh and Ole Hübner at the Ensemble musikFabrik Cologne.

This Place Hübner Boeckh Bledose
This Place Hübner Boeckh Bledsoe
This Place Hübner Boeckh Bledsoe
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