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Vocal music
(a selection)

Vocal music–not only in music theater, but also in concert music–has played an important role in my artistic work for many years. For example, in 2023 I was Composer-in-Residence at the Ensemble AuditivVokal Dresden, with which I realized three projects in this context. Here you can find some information and impressions of selected concert works for voices. The choir theater / theory opera Yes! Yes! Yes! (2023), which was also produced with AuditivVokal has its own page here.

in progress:

new work (2023/24)

for ten voices and electronics

25 minutes

world premiere: February 2, 2025, SONIC MATTER Zurich, Vokalensemble Zürich (Peter Siegwart, conductor)


in progress:

new work (2023/24)

for amateur choir

world premiere: 2024/25 tba, Schwankhalle Bremen, Schwankcore (Mara Hebel, conductor)


[untitled] (2021)

for six voices (S/Mez/A/T/Bar/B) and audio playback

9 minutes

world premiere: October 19, 2023, Remus Georgescu International Music Festival, Biserica Sfânta Ecaterina din Timișoara

AuditivVokal Dresden (Olaf Katzer, conductor)

selbstorganisationen (2023)

for eight voices (S/S/A/A/T/T/B/B)

14 minutes

world premiere: December 7, 2023, Bergkirche Seiffen

further performances: December 11, 2023, Dom zu Freiberg / December 12, 2023, Dreikönigskirche Dresden

AuditivVokal Dresden (Olaf Katzer, conductor)

Ja, ich bin da im Shantychor! (2020/21)

performative concert for shanty choir and instruments, based on texts from interviews with members of the Neustädter Shanty-Chor e.V., optional video installation

30 minutes

world premiere: September 17/18, 2022, Schwankhalle Bremen

further performance: November 5, 2022, Landeschorfest, Kulturkirche St. Stephani Bremen

Neustädter Shanty-Chor e.V. (Coro Joura, conductor)


ostufer // pizza nicht unter der woche (2022/23)

for soprano and orchestra (3-2-3-2, 4-3-3-1, timp, 2perc, str),

lyrics: Raphael Jacobs

10 minutes

world premiere: November 12, 2023, Saalbau Homburg

Elizabeth Wiles (soprano)

Homburger Sinfonieorchester (Jonathan Kaell, conductor)

Awarded the 1st Prize in the Composition Competition of the City of Homburg 2023


ostufer: wohnblock IV (2020-22)

song cycle for voice and piano

lyrics: Raphael Jacobs

11 minutes

burning paper planes (2020)

for six voices (S/Mez/A/T/Bar/B)

lyrics: Raphael Jacobs

6 minutes

ørfeus 2.0 letzte szene (2017)

for tenor (doubling harpsichord, percussion), theorbo, cello, audio playback and live electronics

lyrics: Malte Asmuth

8 minutes

world premiere: September 15, 2017, Hochschule Düsseldorf

Lorenz Rommelspacher & ørfeus kollektiv


Mehrfachbelichtete Melodramen

Mehrfachbelichtete Melodramen (2016/17)

for beatboxing vocal artist, live electronics, audio/video playback

15 minutes

world premiere: June 13, 2017, Unerhörte Musik, BKA-Theater Berlin

further performances: June 18, 2017, Der Sommer in Stuttgart, Theaterhaus Stuttgart / November 18, 2027, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg / November 21, 2017, Alte Feuerwache Cologne / February 10, 2018, TonArt Esslingen, Villa Nagel Esslingen / July 4, 2018, Greek National Opera Athens

Frauke Aulbert (voice, beat box, performance)


In Mehrfachbelichtete Melodramen (“Multi-Exposed Melodramas”), the subject expressing itself – vocally, noisily, percussively – finds itself in an imaginary scenery of communication and everyday sound. Imitation, addition, manipulation and, not least, performative virtuosity are the instruments by whose means the listeners are invited to adopt the memory of individually experienced scenes, and to parallel them interpretatively with their own experiences and notions: to multi-expose them.


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